What is Open Roboethics initiative?

Open Roboethics initiative (ORi) is a roboethics think tank that aims to foster active discussions of ethical, legal, and societal issues of robotics (roboethics). Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, ORi is an interdisciplinary, international group of people passionate about roboethics in general.

Many of today’s ethical, legal, and social issues pertaining robotics are not specific to a particular country, culture, or social groups. But the discussion of ethics surrounding the design, deployment, and use of robots today remain limited by international, cultural and disciplinary boundaries.

Just like how the web has allowed us to produce and maintain contents of Wikipedia and software designs of Linux by means of mass collaboration, ORi is experimenting with the idea that roboethics discussions and robot designs can benefit from the power of mass collaboration as well. By creating a web space where policy makers, engineers/designers, and users and other stakeholders of the technology can freely share and access roboethics related contents, we hope to accelerate roboethics discussions and inform robot designs.

We first presented our idea at the We Robot 2012 conference:

AJung Moon, Ergun Calisgan, Fiorella Operto, Gianmarco Veruggio, and H.F. Machiel Van der Loos on “Open Roboethics: Establishing an Online Community for Accelerated Policy and Design Change”

Don’t want to read the whole paper? Check out our presentation from the conference instead. http://tinyurl.com/openroboethics.

The project is still taking its baby steps. But we’d like to hear your thoughts on Open Roboethics. Please feel free to contact AJung (email: ajung@amoon.ca, twitter:@OpenRoboethics) to send us your feedback.